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  • Shift: a change in position, direction, or tendency.
  • ify: to make something be in a particular state or condition


Rejection Redirection

Use the Power of Rejection to Win

Is there something you won’t try out of fear of rejection? What if fear weren’t an option? In this 90 minute workshop, learn to overcome fear and redirect rejection.

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The Powerful & Purposeful Presenter:

Be a Dynamic Public Speaker

Have you ever seen that WOW presenter and thought to yourself, “I wish that I could deliver my message like that!”? This workshop will enable you to learn and master presentation and facilitation techniques that will leave your audiences feeling confident in your message and connected to you as a presenter.

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Add More Hours in the Day

Managing Time & Procrastination

Do you need more hours in the day? Does the days priorities and tasks seem to over rule your time and overflow into the next days? Join us for a half day workshop as we dive into the different types of procrastination and time management and how you knock out waste once and for all!

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Radical Fans:

Don't Just Master Customer Service, Own it

In this 2 hour workshop as we learn what customers are really looking for and how to WOW and EXCEED all expectations! Turn your happy customers… into radical customers!

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Why Shiftify

Shiftify workshops are designed to better equip anyone who wants to improve their lives, both professionally and personally, with tools to help achieve their development goals. All workshops are taught by experts in their industry who have learned from many years of experience of how to grow and improve in many facets of life.

There are multiple class dates and times to help cater to busy schedules and provide opportunities to those with full schedules. Shiftify is designed to explore these areas in a different way to be more affective and to have a stronger affect on anyone who has the mindset to grow.

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